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Sudoku Brain


▽What is Sudoku?Sudoku is a simple, classic puzzle game that's taken the world by storm.Having originated in Japan as a pencil puzzle game, Sudoku became extremely popular all over the world as a single-player pursuit.▽About Sudoku BrainWhy we made the Sudoku Brain app: We want you to be absorbed into the world of Sudoku. So we made Sudoku Brain both simple to use and able to hold a higher volume of new and interesting problems.Even though Sudoku Brain is very simple to use it has rich features yet is stress-free.For example most of it’s features are intuitive - - We don’t need to read a how to manual.We have prepared a variety of sudoku versions“Classic”,small 6X6”Mini”,”Diagonal”,”Jigsaw”and”Mixed”. Of course you can play it on or off line.
▽Extensive variety (variant) Sudoku problems!- Classic(9x9)- Mini(6x6)- Diagonal- Jigsaw- Mixed(Diagonal & Jigsaw)
▽Features- Continuous input.- High light same numbers.- Auto delete pencil marks.- Undo & Redo.- Checking conflicts numbers.- Great sound effects.- Play game with your favorite BGMs.
▽Difficulty- First step- Beginner- Normal (Medium)- Advanced- Super Advanced- Incredible